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Secret Post Swap

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Members Only [Friday
Oct 30th, 2009 @ 2:00p]


This community is for dedicated, honest swappers to unite and have fun together. The goal is to have a close-knit bunch and get really good packages every month catering to our individual likes. You will sign up and then I will personally email you your partner. That is what makes it "secret!"

Please note that I absolutely despise flakers. I have no shame in doing my part as moderator of this community. Please see the rules for more detail on the matter.

To join, fill out this application. Do not change the HTML.

Prove your worthiness (or as I said in the application, "postal honesty") by one of the following 3 options!
  1. Show a good amount of positive LJ feedback.
  2. Show a good amount of positive ebay feedback.
  3. Be invited by someone in the community & have at least 2 people vouch for you.

You'll be accepted promptly if you meet the criteria.

Comments are screened.
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